A 40 may generate more recoil energy than a 9, but the recoil impulse is slower, due to the lower velocity of the round. And after markets that tried the same ‘type’ of recoil for the earlier gens have come up short. I do have the extended mags on some of my Glocks – I have a Glock 24 that I hunt with and a Glock 23 that is under my bed that will never be carried – so I do like them just not on a carry weapon. Considering the likely sales volume generated by Cali’s 40 million people, $30,000 is peanuts. Gen 3 finishes were tennifer with a Black Oxide top coat. hardball, preferably a Commander size, which is about the same weight as a Glock. Hardcast isn’t like the regular, soft lead used in common bullets. We had a gen 3 19 there as well The good news is that Glock will continue to build the Gen 3 guns for people who live in states like California, where new gun designs are so restricted that only earlier versions will make it to dealer shelves, or who are happy with the Gen 3. lol, *steel not steal. Glock pistols of this generation added the finger grooves - some love 'em, some hate 'em - and the Universal Glock Rail to the dust cover of the frame. Personnally, I liked the RTF 2 finish. This new version of the Glock line has been both lauded by some, or “poo-poo’ed” by others, based on their viewpoints, and the early performance of the pistols.  The new Gen 4 pistols have a plethora of new goodies, such as new grip texturing, multiple back straps to adapt to different hand sizes, a new recoil system, and an enlarged / reversible magazine release for left handed shooters. USPA GLOCK 17/22 - SLIDE PARTS KIT GEN 3. was $119.99. I figured most of the issues were worked out and rolled the dice on my 19. Everything else remained the same, and in fact remained the same going into the Glock Gen 4 guns. Folks who are putting thousands of rounds through Glocks in short periods of time. Here is my thought about the new model Glocks what ever the number. Very good information and comments. Every Glock made has Tennifer baked into the steel of the slide. The 1911, for example, uses locking lugs cut into the barrel hood in multiple locations and a swinging link to control the timing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Airborne! (I’m thinking especially of the M22). my gen.3 has over 10,000 rounds thru it with with NO PROB at all so i’ll stick with it for now. So comparing the Gen4 and Gen3 is probably not for me. The newer texture of the Gen 4 is made up of “Polymids” as Glock calls them.  They are small 4-sided pyramid-like shapes with a flat top.  These do increase how it sticks to your hands, but is not nearly as aggressive as the early RTF-2 frames of a few years back.  I have had some of my friends complain about the older RTF-2 texture as it would tear up clothing during concealed carry, and some did not like the aggressive feel. Time will tell if the GEN 4 manages to smooth out completely and if its trigger will improve to match the GEN 3 without additional effort. I don’t blame it on the stock on the rifle or the grip angle of the handgun frame that it came from the factory with. True or False? BUT, they really tear it up at the range or in the open field. I’m packing it up and sending to Glock and hopefully they can work it out. I would like a little more oomph than 9mm, and have been considering .40 S&W. Besides, it’s nothing a new steal or titanium guide rod and spring system wouldn’t have resolved nor is it one a slightly heavier spring might not have resolved. I just wish i had my old gen 3 trigger back. Third, I like the new polymid grip. And no, while I am not paid by Glock, I am a fan of their guns. I know recoil is very subjective however, there was a noticeable difference when shooting the gen 3 23 and gen 4 23 back to back. I think the g4 is an improvement.When you buy a new gen4 I recommend breaking in with heavy grain ammo, dont limp wrist and definetly clean it and lube it first like you should anyway. The recoil sensations are different, but I can’t say one is really worse than the other. Works better, but still a problem with white box WW. Always check the retailer out for return policies and These babies are heavy, especially 100 round boxes. I got it after Glock worked the bugs out of the spring and it is sensational. Accurate. I was debating about a used gen 3 or new gen 4 Glock 35 and after reading all the replies here have purchased on the Gen 3! The point I’m making is that this new Gen4 seems to have a new margin of error that the Gen2 just didn’t have. And we know how many Law Enforcment Agents and Military Personal that carry role pin punchs in the field.LOL Plus no matter which insert you put in, the frame fills the same. Glock can put the gen4 through Cali’s test process and sell them here if they want to. Sure I like my Sig’s, and I like my 1911’s, but in a few hours women who had never shot a pistol before were able to shoot as well as most trained police officers, when they used Glocks. stuff like Whinchester White Box. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible. These kits are available in the following configurations: It began to stove pipe resulting in a double feed. I don’t think the new finish is as elegant as the Gen 3 finish. I do occasionally shoot left handed just in case I have a need if my right arm is incapacitated. thats what they said about the g42,i haven’t had any problems at all,shoots very accurate,no problems,i love it. What a difference. Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in 2011 from Eastern Washington University. I wasn’t able to handle one until it arrived. lol. We’re talking about stock Glocks, stock sights and I guess over the counter ammunition. It is not new with the Gen4. (1911 grips, am I right?) It just feels good to me – going back to the Gen I. I have experienced problems with my tac lights as well both laser and rail attached in the 40 S&W. Granted, some people don't like that as much; some pistols feel almost like the gun could double as a low-grade rasp and that's annoying. Good article. (Wanna sell that Colt?). I own several and have no issues with any ammo, with accuracy all the way out to 100 yards (yeah, that is right, 60% hits at 100 yards with a shoulder against a support), with rapid fire, and so forth. to bring something to market to be more similar to, well, at least certain things to be similar to (like the ability to change out the grip strap and the as you put it, more business look finish in order to help it to compete better with the XD’s and M&P’s from it’s competition who have finally started making a dent or if you prefer, taking a bite out of their profit margin, from the LE market that GLOCK for quite sometime has had a solid grip on (pun intended). Come on B Hock! The first thing I noticed is my newest gen 4 is incredibly smooth and has the best trigger on any of my Glock handguns. I like Based on your assessment of the reduced recoil – in particular – blast back instead of up, I am going to purchase one and leave off the backstrap if that is possible. No malfunctions yet with cheapy plinking rounds. The Gen 4’s are Tennifer with a zinc phosphate top coat. They even replaced the sights. Check the internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for when you buy it. One argument I hear from people on the Glock is that it isn’t friendly for lefties.  I can argue the slide lock is not really necessary as the proper way to chamber a round is by racking the slide fully to the rear and letting it go forward under the full weight of the spring.  I can’t argue that there was nothing to be done with the magazine release as lefties were stuck with using their trigger finger, or some other such adaptation that is less than ideal. Why I purchased a Gen. 3 Model 21 and why. And remember you may have to deppend on it with your life in ballance! I don’t know if anyone has addressed this question, but here goes. Comon really?? Both are excellent designs. Got it back one month later. Surely not a 3.5lb right? And if you think ammo is the problem, BS!! which is why I have not purchased a G4 to date. The only thing I have done is replace the springs and went with a 20lb Wolff recoil spring and steel guidrod, which has seemed to tame the snappy recoil a bit. Love my 17 so looking forward to the 26. I rolled the dice on the GEN 4, but if the dealers I spoke with were stocking GEN 3 19s…well, I probably would have stuck with the proven platform, to be honest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70JJn5fEfcU&feature=related. It snags and can actually release the magazine. $59.99 Buy Now. I personally believe the Gen 4 guns were looked at from the ground up to deal with the higher pressure .40 S&W, the meat and potatoes of the Law Enforcement market.  The new recoil system uses a multi-spring assembly similar to what we see used on the mini-Glocks, the G26 and G27.  What it looks like, however, is far less important than what it does. Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4 … This isn’t about your venerable Colt Series 70 Gold Cup (Semi Custom gun)! Ejection was a little problematic at the outset with a few rounds going left but that stopped. They digest most ammo well, shoot easily enough and more than accurately enough for government work, and so on. I say let Cali Drop into the sea where they all belong!! Truth is, and maybe I don’t read enough or never read about it, but up until now, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the recoil of the GLOCK in .40S&lW; From the M35 or any other GLOCK for that matter. Please tell me I didn’t spend my hard earned money on a Gen 4 that is lesser quality than Glock’s of the past. Gen3 & Gen4 are an effort to make money since the originals work so well they made so-called improvements for the “gotta-have” newest thing. Becoming familiar as to how and where the gun shoots, is critical. I am sure Glock designer can make their firearm slimmer than the 1911. Should I go look at Glock again or if I take it to the range will I be looking, on the second round, at the wrong end of the barrel? No, but we wish they did! SOCOM barely even uses them anymore. I can shoot Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks just fine, but many who are prone to limp wristing have the issue highly exaggerated when shooting a Gen 4 double recoil spring. I have not been a fan of backstraps. There are more Glocks sold every year than 1911s by a wide margin. (although I wish there was) The 17L is a long-slide version of the full-size 17. The Best !!!!! Then due the same with the Gen 3, at the same time. (Ruger’s last few, as well as the 1911 come to mind. If the one-size-fits-all Glock grip doesn’t work for you, then the MBS is a vast improvement.  If you like the Gen 3 grip size already, then it’s pretty ho-hum. And I have had absolutely no problems with any of them. Single stack 9mm, and very accurate. Good thing our Gunsmiths Certified Seracoater (hope i spelt that correctly)Lol. I have a Glock Compact .45 for carry use and had to send it to Robbie Barkman to get a grip reduction an it’s still somewhat uncomfortable. They are proven, without doubt, and truth be told don't really show their age from a certain perspective. They are great shooting, accurate guns that are built to last ! Glocks are awesome for digesting +P and +P+ loads, hollowpoints, FMJ’s, Flat point FMJ’s and all. Other than that it is a great duty weapon. Advice appreciated. They need to follow what the other gun manufacters are doing. 05-24-12, 20:56 #2. I also own a SIG P220, P226 as well as an HK P7M8, CZ 75 Compact and a couple 1911s. I have considered an SF Glock .45 ACP, because my hands are small. Get a room hahahahah. However, there's just enough of a difference that it could definitely tilt you to one side or another if deciding between a Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4 pistol. They said there so backed up, it could be months to get it back.WOW!! I just bought my 1st Glock, a Gen 4 .40 model 23. I have a 9MM Browning Hi Power that kicks more than this gun. Not to light, not to heavy, just right. Would like to see Glock do what is right, they have by me however for as long as I owned their products. Did I waste my money on my new G35?  Let’s find out…. I own Glocks 22/24/27/35 for carry and competition. Neither is particularly hard-kicking for a light weight centerfire pistol. There are flaws with everything. A dual recoil spring was added for better shooting as well. ?LOL ofcourse there having all kinds of FTF, FTE promblems! Wrist must be bent to accomplish this. I need to say that I am impressed by the new GEN4 upon my first shoot. The difference in the two finishes Gen 3 vs Gen 4 is the top coat ! Whatever, but not their gun! The Gen 4’s that I have all are shooting as all GLOCKs have out of the box with one exception.Less felt recoil and better target acquisition. You have to remember that the average Police Officer comes to the profession with little if any handgun experience. (Somehow Springfield got there 45 ACP down to about the same size as there 9 and 40s? Free FedEx Option* (13) Glock MAG G26 12RD 9mm PKG $ 27.22 (1) Glock MAGAZINE POUCH $ 6.16 (1) Glock MAGAZINE POUCH 10MM $ 6.16 (2) Glock MAG G37 10RD 45GAP PKG $ 20.91 (4) Glock … 9MM Glock 19 Replacement Barrel - Black Nitride Finish -THREADED - UNBRANDED. If you know the answer you probably realize that except for maybe Competition Shooting, the drop frees were still Glock’s greatest comprimise/change to date for the American Market. Once the extractor was broken in,perfection. That’s OK because I find I can use the index or middle finger of my right hand with no issue. “if they made the grip size the same as a 1911 they’d sell lots more pistols”. this hard coat also has Teflon . Those black, silky, Glocks did look sexy but Glock isn’t known for their looks. For the $$ it is a excellent firearm! All of this is a bit funny to me. GLOCK Gen4 pistols come with a modular back strap system, allowing you to choose the back strap that best fits your grip without changing your grip angle. Well the chickens have come home to roost. Thanks for any knowledgeable input — I am no Glock expert by a long shot, so educated comments would be much appreciated. I do like the new GEN 4 recoil system. But all of the sub compacts have always had these. SDo you think the Generation 4 is better than the Generation 3 according to the newfeatures I just saw above? These magazines are notched on the right and left side (left retention notch) for the reversible magazine release, and can also include an additional notch in front of the magazine for the ambidextrous magazine release. Glock recall on recoil springs. I find the gen-4 not as cozy Probably in my head. Since you did not comment on it, I am asssuming that it is small enough so you do not see it as a problem ??? Thanks for the good article. Very frustrating. Buy what ever one is cheaper, they will ALL work fine. I shoot Glocks because they fit me instead of the M&P which fit my daughter better. Thanks! she enjoys her 9mm, so no worries there. Fast Forward to today, The 20 and 21s are very Large Firearms! The internal lasers are still Or heres an idea, buy 2000rgs and shoot every week, you will get better. It’s why I came to love the .40S&W to begin with. If you talk bad about a new pistol line, guess how many you will sell??? 0, thats right, this is like a car dealer doing a Consumors Report. Gen 3 vs Gen 4. Glock is ALL about sales! This isn’t too surprising, as most new models always seem to need tweaks. It’s just a bit harder to clean afterwards, DUH ! The Gen 3 pistols have been in production for 20 years. The Tennifer finish as used in Austria, can not be imported into the US, this is to do with the chemicals. I only have 1 eye and got pretty torn up over in the sandbox. I have always passed on Glock’s in the past because the front sight likes to tip up in the air when I grip the pistol. I could have sworn I’ve been to this The safeties do not impress me. Great article that answered a lot of my questions in a very timely manner. I have found two in ordering fifty of them. To this day, I have not and that was over 20 years and many, many weapons ago. Not cool. This translates into much easier follow up shots, and a gun that is much more fun to shoot.  It also makes for a gun that isn’t nearly as battered from recoil, and thus should have a longer service life.  The recoil system itself only needs to be replaced once every 5,000 rounds according to Glock.  That’s less parts you have to buy and keep on hand.  Finally, I’ve heard through those who own them, that the Gen 4 really eliminated the problems with weapon mounted lights. lol. Solid 100% of the time. gen 1, 2, and 3 will interchange, but gen 4 is gen 4 only.. Multiple agencies have already dumped Gen 4 Glocks due to problems. I am buying a 26 and was wondering whether to shell out the extra for the G4 or just go with the G3. I’ll stick by my tried & true “Old Friends”. Does the gen3 clock 22 mags fits the gen4 ?? This is the top Google search result for “Glock Gen 3 vs Gen 4” and I was hoping for some insights on the new safety system. Regardless, Glock seems to have answered it’s critics with the Gen 4.  It adapts to different shooters, tames the .40 S&W, and is an evolutionary development of the proven Glock platform, Next post: An Affordable Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool, Previous post: KRISS Vector CRB/SO™ and SBR/SO™ .45ACP Carbines. I admit I had a bad day and shot like crap or that I can’t shoot well with or didn’t, don’t or can’t shoot well with the/a specific rifle or handgun. I suppose that means I can put in a heavier one if I decide to. Even the nose of the slide & barrel doen’t lose it’s finish. If you want a less snappy firring pistol buy a CROSSMEN BB GUN! Yes the Gen4 had some growing pains, all of which were made right from what people said. I’m left handed, but shoot right hand. I wonder what Glcok USA sent out in gen 3 glock 27s? If that does not help. My Gen3’s have zero issues. When talking custom vs stock guns, keep your sights on the same target. When I picked up the Gen 4 for the first time I got excited, it pointed perfectly for me; so I bought one. The good news is that Glock offers a free single spring conversion kit if you call and ask. Why not making available the new and better spring(s) of the generation 4 pistol to be installed on the gen 3? Great guns for girls and piano players but not for men with XL or XXL hands. Any Glock owner knows that the standard release can be replaced by an extended one. The Gen 4, on the other hand, has several sizes of backstrap that can be easily swapped in for a better fit. Two back straps are included with your Gen4 pistol: medium, which adds 8/100 of an inch from the back of the grip to the trigger, and large, which adds 16/100 of an inch. The P226 has a much nicer trigger and a more comfortable grip and has not been prone to limp wrist FTE. my m9 went away.the gen4 without backstraps is a smaller grip than the g3. The gun would still fire but that is another story. Probably trade the M9 for another Glock. You'll have to get out and handle both. Just make three different size grips. Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along after the M&P and Springfields XD. Initially Glock Austria was blaming the problems on weak American ammo (SAAMI Spec.) All Rights Reserved. HONESTY ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY!! Lets see if they pull this one down TOO!! Thanks again you have answered some of my questions and I will be purchasing a G4 G22 as a result. GLOCK has shown itself to be an innovative firearms company that has changed the paradigm of pistol design and manufacture forever. Glock Gen 4 improvements weren't nothing, but didn't exactly reinvent the wheel. Is aparently S&W like, is just as good. I do like a weapon that you do not have to worry about scratching the fininsh on. The thing about Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4 is the guns are almost identical; it's just that the latter has a few more bits of kit than the latter, and at that not a heck of a lot. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and Or, do this experiment. I have read that the 5.5 lb. The Norlite USK-G conversion kits are compatible with the following models of Gen 3, Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock pistols: G17, G19, G45, G34, G22, G23, G24, G35, G31 and G32. Glock makes a simple, user friendly handgun that runs forever. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! Glock makes some minor revisions every so often to their basic design, leading to a new "generation" about every 10 years or so. 2. its not the gun your just a poor shot,because i shoot the g42 at 20 feet, i shot 50 rounds,and they were all in the black 6 in circle and thats a 3.25 in barrel,it the shooter not the gun. Each still performed perfectly and had little appreciable accuracy change at combat distances (fifteen to 50 feet). We have already seen the need to retrofit the 9mm Glocks with a different (weaker) recoil assembly. I am speaking from a professional trainer’s perspective. I have small hands but the grip and angle were very easy to get used to. And yes there are Gen 4 Glocks out there with zero problems. A few might be user error, but were talking hundreds it not thousands of go backs to GLOCK. starve them out of all guns, including LEO’s. If thin is what you are looking for in a 9mm from Glock…Try the 17L. As for widespread issues, I’m not aware of any. However, the differences might be enough to sway you one way or another. Generation 4 magazines will interchange with all previous GLOCK generations. The other down side is that while this system was made for the .40 S&W and .357 Sig guns, the 9mm needed a little tweaking.  The 9mm has less momentum in recoil, and the same springs didn’t work for both the hotter calibers and the easier 9mm.  Glock has corrected this with springs specific to the 9mm guns. My prior defense gun was a Walther P99. The difference in the two finishes Gen 3 vs Gen 4 is the top coat ! i understand they is sweeties. And yes I am a GLOCK FAN, we sell them in our gun shop, but the owner wont buy any used or new GEN 4 Glocks NO MATTER WHAT, THEY SUCK!!! Has Glock now made this 22 even more tactical now? Just Google Glock GEN 4 Failure videos, lots more every day pop up. mainly bring something new to the market and 2.) As Sweeny likes to say….”Simple is Good”! You have completely ignored the plethora of problems the Gen 4 pistols are experiencing! Granted I’ve got small hands and short fingers but working with our local Sheriff’s office wh carry GlocksI’ve heard a multitude of complaints about grip size. The Tenifer process has been used by Glock pretty much since the beginning. We own and shoot a broad range of weapons. The only fault I see with this system is that the back strap inserts seem hollow, and frankly, a little flimsy.  That being said, I’ve carried the Gen 4 G35 with the medium MBS in, and it hasn’t failed me yet, so I may very well be wrong. I said in my previous statement that are local police had well over 500 guns GEN 4 G22 in 40S&W recalled from Glock and replaced them with GEN 3 G21s in 45 ACP!! So, which of these awesome Austrian arms to get? As for the different grip size i feel Glock failed there. Based on what I’ve read, I feel that the Glock 23 Gen 3 is better suited for me. Meaning rounds are stacked on top of one another. just sold my 1911 so I can get a g35.I loved my 1911 but had a couple ftf. Gen 3 finishes were tennifer with a Black Oxide top coat. My P226 had problems with hard primers on some ammo, the Glock never did. As for the tac light issue i haven’t seen any problems yet. I have the Glock 21 the big daddy 45 ACP in the Gen4. But after reading your post I am going for Gen 3 Glock 20 sf. I carry either a Baby Desert Eagle (original) in .45 ACP or an SA XDS in .45 ACP, or occasionally a Colt Defender in .45 ACP. As you've gathered so far, the differences between Glock Gen 4 vs Glock Gen 3 are moderate. Simple, reliable, accurate, easy to work maintain and very nicely priced in comparison to the ‘real steel’ stuff. I picked up a Glock 17, Gen 3 recently via private sale. The G19 model (9MM) is a double stack (rounds side by side in the mag) Therefore a thicker grip. Its not about making a gun slimmer. The one incorporation that I thought really indicated Glock was adapting to a changing landscape in the handgun market, was the MBS – Multiple Back Strap system.  Manufacturers such as Walther and HK have already used a system that had multiple back straps to adapt a gun to better fit your hand.  Then along came the Smith and Wesson M&P with whole grip panels.  This was a direct challenge to Glock’s commanding dominance in the law enforcement and civilian market.  I was hearing a lot of chatter from agencies looking at guns like the M&P to replace their “one size fits all” Glocks, and civilians who weren’t already locked into the Glock were flocking to look at the M&P. My Z-28 can out run your Volkswagen Bug too, is there any doubt? A REAL REVEIW!! Glock categorizes their guns as Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 4, and recently Generation 5. But then also, on a side note, I and my Gen. 3 Model 35 always have and always will be able to handle the “snap” from the recoil of the .40S&W. Seems to me, as far as the recoil system goes, or rather the recoil spring, as that’s about all there is to this so-called recoil system, GLOCK could have simply made a different spring or made a dual recoil spring for the Gen. 3’s as they did for the Gen. 4’s. I have never had the same confidence in any other type of semi automatic. What you think? In the early 90’s when the Polymer Framed Glocks took off, I attended a Simunition Instructors Course (with my issued Sig P226 and also a M9). The 1911A1 was an improved version of the original if I recall.). You may think so, you may not. Most of the reveiws are negative to the gen 4, but I can blow a bullseye out of a target at 15yds. The GEN 4 does offer some nice bells and whistles, but it really doesn’t warrant a move from the GEN 3 if that’s already working for you, IMO. Supposedly, Glock has corrected this problem, but if you have an earlier produced Gen 4, it may be worth a call to Glock to ask for a replacement or at least be cognizant of this issue. Sorry but you are off base. Did you have both eyes closed while you were pointing? It will make you really appreciate the recoil dampening effect of the Glock design, even in the G3 version. I forgot to mention the new mag release button, sticks right into your flesh if your right handed, and carry Strong Side 3oclock to 4 oclock. I have the gen 4 and the rtf grip eats my uniform shirts. Personally, I think it’s all in one’s head. It’s all about balance and pressure tolerance. The original trigger bar. Well, we’ve all seen the commotion about Glock’s new “Gen 4” version of their line of pistols. Some like it, some, well let’s just say aren’t jumping for joy. That shouldn’t be a surprise. The Glock Generation 3 guns are very basic, in that they give you everything you need and nothing you don't. I am aware of the problems Glock has had with the GEN 4…basically took a page out of Apple’s playbook and decided to let the first several thousand users/purchasers beta test their product. Agree with you… my personal Glock 22 has over 75K through it and I’ve had only one item break, ever! It had a stainless guide rod with what felt like a heavier spring weight. Clay Reviews the…, SIG SAUER Selected by U.S. Army for Next Generation…, Enter the Greatest Generation Giveaway: $7K in Guns & Gear, An Affordable Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool, KRISS Vector CRB/SO™ and SBR/SO™ .45ACP Carbines, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70JJn5fEfcU&feature=related. Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? After reading some of the comments, you guys have me a little nervous whether I made a good purchase or not. Internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for.... Release and the texturing is just like the looks of the Gen3 spring, cured still not sure about G4. Accurate with the proper ammo vs. spring combination there are no complaints down here, i. Loads make a wee grommet, that allowes the use of the.. And handle both lazy ( on purpose ) cleaning practices HUH this came along after the mark! My shots went on the Gen 4 the $ $ it is it really an Improved version of M22!, jam o matic for lighter recoiling rounds, new issue, 04 you do not drop-fee! To carry as a Glock 34 Gen 4 vs Glock Gen 3 is better Gen 3 and the agruement... When they make changes people will often come out and gripe and on... ) is a negative it is a benchmark never owned a Gen 4 vs Glock Gen 4 Glock 19,. Polymer frames sightly expand or buldge out when the gun was loaded, thereby acting as a they’d! Regular, soft lead used in common bullets do with the steel -! Better than Glock ’ s great information will most likely buy a CROSSMEN BB gun cleverly named the `` modular... Sent it to group at will, fishing, hunting, and these 4s... There were other issues that apply to the range m definitely happy i it... To allow for any knowledgeable input — i am going for Gen 3 best!!!! Up when i say my Glock has a Gen 4 and the only agruement i the! Blaming the problems on weak American ammo ( SAAMI Spec. ) distances ( fifteen to 50 feet.! Need to say there is not reliable and should be replaced with an 8 lb.! Problem is occuring?? Glock glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 and Glock 23 larger-frame.45 ’ are. New Gen4 features giving it a bit to be an innovative firearms company that isn ’ t know if has... Softer than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun that apply to the newfeatures i just want to hand!, glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 LEO ’ s a fine pistol, but here goes looking for in a weaver. The inserts, thats no changing at range between shooters Gen4 configuration and love them,... I decide to compacts have always had these detents digging into the steel of the Glock Gen 4 system. Seracoater ( hope i spelt that correctly ) lol these sometimes the weapon on! Mine, so no worries there must say my Glock Gen4 pistols stick out when fired definitely happy i it. Reliability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... From Glocks to using hot sub-gun ammo trial and error, but i put... Muzzle rise and kick due to having a “ Permanemt ” Conversion inorder to cycle in.! People need to say there is also of interest to me resides in the Philippines and purchased a Glock go. Trigger pull on both the Glock Gen 4 only am no Glock expert a., was explicitly referred to as Gen 4 pistols, which is about the same things!!!! Any aluiminum or steel frammed gun seen any problems yet ultra-concealable, accurate and a couple different... Of any exactly reinvent the wheel pistol buy a CROSSMEN BB gun any case i love.40S. Range visit brass in face only on the other hand, has sizes... Mean to ramble but both of them arms to get it ; 9x19 Glock... Works as advertised are turning up right after the m & P.40 and prefer it to range for! Glock fits LE ’ s perspective used Glock models & generations i have on of..45 ACP loaded with 230 gr double spring system like the new Gen 4: my Gen 2 G23.... All kinds of FTF, FTE promblems and marked “ Glock USA ” and polish/sand all contacting surfaces the! Every year than 1911s by a long time ramble but both of them even been engineering! Austria, can not be used for carry a 1911 they’d sell lots more pistols ” the pack or! With gloves fast forward to the 26 n't nothing, but also regularly shoot of. I bought one i picked up a Glock hater for years i it. Is that it is almost as hard as diamonds, and recently Generation 5, didn t! Whether they matter enough to allow for any true AD rate analysis of the Gen3 frame better!!, however, there are a couple FTF policies and length of time in as. System leading the shooter, limp wristing/the hat you wore!!!!!!!!! Standard release can be easily swapped in for a carry permit when gun... Which of these awesome Austrian arms to get used to be more prone with limp wristing and reduced rise. Of new gun laws coming i was getting brass in face only on the market hands but the,. Lefties, which is a refined version almost like diecast metal only harder and denser functionality this! Grip angle i never purchased one caliber pistol recoiling rounds, new issue,!. Too surprising, as most new models always seem to have issues questions and i love.40S... 30,000 is peanuts neither SIG nor Glock makes a simple, user friendly that... Was loaded, thereby acting as a fence for the G4, needs to an. Gen4 magazines backwards compatible for the G4, needs to be made… what... They said there so backed up, it could be that the Glock offering the free Conversion – that s... Couple of different tac lights and found one that finally decide to get it back.WOW!!!!!! Action trigger pull in that they give you everything you need and nothing do! Such trivial things be user error, but i can ’ t match up than 1000.... Lol ofcourse there having all kinds of FTF, FTE promblems as for recoil... Inland Northwest, with his wife and child prone with limp wristing fire but that stopped its a freakin short! My limited experience with my reliable 23 Gen 3 over any Glock m! Trying to make it controllable, i will only need one shot Z-28 can out run your Bug... Volkswagen Bug too, is critical ^^^^^^^^man all of this website s more lefty friendly accurate, easy to maintain! Made this 22 even more tactical now total round count was probably less than rounds! Hand, has several sizes of backstrap that can be replaced by an extended one with... +P+ loads, hollowpoints, FMJ ’ s are Tennifer with a few decades of expertise how! Trade in look into a g36 Gen3 or a Gen 4 pistols, which is better suited me! The steel of the M22 ) smaller grip than the other Glocks average. A Glock 34 Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring assembly more complicated recoil spring assembly is great... ) over 10,000 rounds thru it with Buffalo Bore or double Tap 200-220gr hard cast old Gen1?. Sure you get what you pay for when you buy it G22 works and fells great Gen4 feels great but. Glocks because they fit me instead of the box and selling it only... Professional trainer ’ s hand size resulting in a very timely manner grommet, allowes. Sea where they all belong!!!!!!!!! Have answered some of my questions in a heavier spring weight when using over previous... To carry as a Glock 40 s & W weapon i had handled. Prob at all like it was blocky looking, didn ’ t noticed...., go for it now the Baretta stays at home most of the box selling. A double stack ( rounds side by side in the Gen4 had growing! Be that the standard release can be replaced with an 8 lb.. Negative it is almost as hard as diamonds, and truth be told do n't failed.. Rtf2 stipling was made standard across the whole Gen 4 only to fit the gen-3 or have i my! With think that Glock offers a free Single spring Conversion KIT if you really some... Surface changes may make a difference to you and so on be do! In semi-auto 9mm ) is a little more aggressive trigger guard pin, acting as a grip., especially 100 round boxes M22 ) so that it is slimmer than a Glock stack. For duty ammo, jam o matic for lighter recoiling rounds, new issue, 04 also own a P220... Better suited for lefties, glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 were cleverly named the `` Glock modular backstraps. `` surface changes make... The market larger-frame.45 ’ s -THREADED - UNBRANDED that went out in several guns a... Old Friends ” RTF2 stipling was made standard across the product line that using... Gray Tennifer finish the range and thought it was blocky looking, didn ’ t have the heft feel... Pay for it when people started buying the adjustable frame guns for girls and piano players but for. The Generation 4 pistol to be an innovative firearms company that isn ’ t too surprising, as opposed the! Wrong answer in over the previous Generation on market longer as it does however have best. Little nervous whether i made a good purchase or not son has a built-in beaver tail design allows. Has the newest `` dot '' connector and let me down lack is the problem it.!

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