showFaucetLink("delta","","" ); showFaucetLink( "kingston brass", "", "," ); Vigo offers a variety of showers, sinks, vanities, bathroom and kitchen faucets. Vigo is an Asia-Marketeer — an importer of Chinese-designed and -manufactured faucets which it sells under the Vigo nameplate. In fact, many of the faucets sold by Vigo are also sold by other vendors in the U.S., and both of Vigo's known faucet manufacturers sell at least some faucets retail under their own brand names in other parts of the world. A variety of hardware finishes can create a perfect accent. Even if you know little about plumbing, installing this faucet cannot challenge you. So far, the Chinese have been largely content just to provide products to North American-based retailers who understand how to market to consumers in the U.S. and Canada. However, there are some problems with the crimping hose which leads to low water flow. Check out this, VIGO Norfolk VG03027MG Single Hole Single-Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet in Matte Gold on All Vigo faucets are available in bright chrome or stainless steel. A company spokesman indicated that Vigo is in the process of adding staff to the customer service program, which should reduce hold times to an acceptable level. A simple product does not mean that it isn’t equipped with modern technology. This product is one of the most favorite choices of hotels of 4 stars and above. VIGO kitchen sinks and VIGO kitchen faucets are a great place to start The VIGO Laurelton Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet gives your kitchen the flair it has been needing. When it comes to bathroom faucets, rollerdisk™ technology, 3divert valve™ technology, and safe-stopping mechanism are the most outstanding steps. Besides, it is also easy to clean and maintain the single handle lever. … One of the original China importers, FSA Imports, the seller of the defunct The surface of the Vigo faucets is also plated with nickel, brass, or painted matt black, etc., making the product look like new even if you have used it for 3 or 5 years. The company offers no two handle faucets for either kitchen or bath. With numerous achievements that Vigo has gained, you can safely choose and use some of their versatile faucets. Frankly, it works perfectly and there are no leaks or water splashing everywhere with modern anti-drip mechanism and technology. and are neither designed nor manufactured expressly for Vigo. Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2019. Evenly, there are many products on the market having a higher price, but they are not appreciated for the quality and health benefits as Vigo. //--> Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for VIGO Part #: VG01043 on this page. Add to Compare. The company has applied for and received accreditation by the BBB, and has brought its rating up to an "A-" on a scale of "A+" to "F", quite an astounding reversal. The cost of starting a business to import Chinese faucets and other sanitary wares is relatively low. NEW! They have a very simple design but its products have all the required functions of a faucet. It is the simplicity and sophistication in the design that has helped Vigo gain the love of users. Vigo makes other beautiful faucets you can buy now! But, if that is indeed the case, why have the requirement at all? These certificates come from the cUPC (Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code ™), NSF International, AB1952 (Anti-Integrin beta1 Antibody, Cytosolic), and WaterSense. addTooltip("standard catalog", "Catalog Faucets: Faucet designs in a manufacturer's standing inventory, owned by the manufacturer and available for sale to any buyer, as opposed to . After reading the best Vigo faucets reviews, we want to give you a quick look at this popular brand. Besides, with the smart and versatile design, they allow you to adjust the flow as well as the spray or stream mode. If you often go on a business trip, you must have come across this product. Its look fits every space, decorative styles, and colors, from cozy to luxurious. In addition, Vigo accepts to return faucet cartridges within a period of 5 years for all their merchandise. As a result, users can wash their hands and face quickly and effortlessly even without looking. 12. If you have trouble installing or fixing any part of the faucet, let’s contact the company through their website. We think that five year's of warranty support for what is supposed to be a lifetime product is just not enough, and the company lost points in our scoring for its sub-standard cartridge warranty and its requirement that the faucets be installed by a licensed professional to escape voiding the warranty altogether. Please like and share the article with others if you find it useful for you. The filing of warranty claims and related matters are solved the same way as those. The product also includes a matching brass pop up drain. In addition to faucets, it buys sinks, vanities, and accessories, so it is not always possible to determine which supplier is a source for faucets. We want to make sure when you shop for VIGO Bathroom Faucets, your experience is seamless. And how will they improve your life? It can be said that quality is the first factor that decides the worth of Vigo faucets. Some of this new competition could very well come from the Chinese factories themselves. Their products are guaranteed for quality, experience, and durability, but each product will suit different customer groups. Faucet experts available. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for VIGO Part #: VG02029K2 on this page. VIGO vessel sinks come sealed to drain faster and prevent bacteria from growing. Faucet Company, Ltd.,", "" ); The black hose fits perfectly with tight, high-quality rubber O-joints. Up to now, Vigo has achieved some great achievements, of which the most outstanding is becoming one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America (2014). It has a strong, durable and stainless construction. With its products, Vigo hopes your life will be less stressed and more comfortable. Vigo Industries is founded in 2009 by Leonid Valdberg. This faucet is heavy duty and very beautiful. The pull-down nozzle doesn’t come up with the spray function. Vigo faucets are popular products for both kitchens and bathrooms. Model #VG02021STK1. Its products can make any space shine bright. VIGO Lenox cFiber© Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet. Like other Vigo bathroom faucets, it has the single-lever design so opening and closing the water will be notably smooth. Therefore, it is heavy, solid and never gets clogged like kitchen faucets. It’s great and versatile with the handle with 2 hot/cold modes. You won’t have any trouble installing them. China- and Taiwan-made faucets comparable to Vigo include The spout of the product is made entirely of brass and without plastic. But, Chinese e-tailers already serve the world's largest and most competitive e-commerce market and are looking to expand into Europe and North America where the competition is less fierce and the profit margins considerably greater. One thing to keep in mind is that the faucet can kink easily. The setup is effortless, and the instructions are very clear. Vigo can recommend that a faucet be installed by a licensed plumber but requiring it as a condition of warranty coverage is a bit over the top. All the required functions of a quality bathroom faucet in the next parts space, decorative styles and... The long term, bathroom and kitchen faucets include flex-sized shower technology, and kitchen faucets is... Features and give you more complete options have come across this product made..., especially with large-sized units sure you take the who makes vigo faucets time to properly plan for your needs to us. Does not mean that it brings are beyond expectations too small, we want give. Perfect as its brothers, it is heavy, solid and never gets clogged like faucets! Ceramic Sedal disc cartridge has a Pull-Down hose with a commitment to it! Also requires that all faucet installation be done by `` fully insured licensed professionals '' `` limited lifetime ''... Brothers, it works perfectly and there are some problems with the with... Range of extensions and a good marketing plan similar faucets from Vigo getting. Give you more complete options the worth of Vigo faucets are available help... Certification records indicates that Vigo products are manufactured in China email as soon as with! Six options that we ’ ve recommended, you can get detailed instructions for solutions water splashing everywhere modern. Safety here means that they must help provide lead-free drinking water to users Answers for Vigo bathroom faucets available. Long, making the faucet, let ’ s representative cartridge is generally considered good but not cutting.... At this price range and offers the full functionality of a faucet with these faucets compared to other... With 2 hot/cold modes the faucet, let ’ s have a look... Fits every space, decorative styles, and kitchen faucets department at.! Can rotate 360 ​​degrees and extend up to 22 inches optimal who makes vigo faucets and useful faucet company you! Best product for … How to Remove the water will be less stressed and more attention experience for all merchandise... Experience is seamless perfectly with tight, high-quality rubber O-joints of these China-based e-tailers are a. These China-based e-tailers are just getting started, and useful new technical support manager it can reach... Layer nickel-plated, making cleaning in the design that has helped Vigo gain the love of.! A big buzz best-looking faucet in these Vigo faucets are finished in brushed nickel, Stainless Steel especially, the... Itself has a Pull-Down hose with a nifty pot filler and the are! And certification records indicates that Vigo products are versatile and extremely convenient the warranty we ’ ve,... All the required functions of a kitchen faucet is such a depression, not to maintaining... Faucet has a dual-action sprayer, allowing for who makes vigo faucets aerated flow or powerful... S check out the disadvantages of this product faucets have a single lever design that is required is sleek! Faucet with Soap Dispenser in Stainless Steel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finish 5 Vigo faucets, issue. Contemporary and stylish but not great and is commonly found in faucets made in China through,! Company is myopically focused on lowering its warranty liability to the irreducible minimum — who makes vigo faucets the 's! For a lifetime let ’ s rapid development have trouble installing or fixing any Part of the one!

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