To read the numbers, write down the … I have a digital meter. So it is up to you to do some tweaking and experimenting with your energy use and also learn how to read your smart meter, so you can get information earlier rather than waiting for your electricity bill to come. I know the electric meter is outside too, but I don't know if they read that one or not. Your electric bill contains all the information you need about your power usage. They're simple to read, but it may help you to write down the numbers as you go. The problem can be located faster, repair crews can be allocated in a priority manner and repairs can begin sooner. You can read from left-to-right or right-to-left. If you break the seal to tamper with the meter, you risk prosecution and penalties. If it has passed zero, use the next higher number. The meter shown in Figure 2.5 is super easy to read – the only thing to look out for is the decimal point (shown as a comma here). If a dial appears to be between numbers, record the lower number - except when the dial sits between 9 and 0, note down 9. (See the examples below.) Your electric meter will either have a digital display, or it will have dials. When reading your dial meter, stand directly in front of the meter to record the numbers. When the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right. Reading your dial meter is much like reading a clock: you look to where the hand is pointing on the dial. Then take the reading from left to right, ignoring figures after the decimal point. If this is the case with your meter, then ignore these numbers and just record the black ones. If you have this meter type, submit both numbers. The electric meter is frequently mounted on the outside of the house in a gray or black metal box. Remote meter readings Your meter is remotely read, eliminating the need for manual meter reading. This is because the smart meters update every 30 minutes and the company only records the information a few times a day. Digital Meters. We also have a "How to Read Your Electric Meter" brochure with helpful information. The first dial spins clockwise, the second counter-clockwise, and so on. The difference between one month's reading and the next is the amount of energy units that have been used for that billing period. How to read an electric dial meter. Alternatively, SP Group will estimate it for your convenience. If it has not passed zero, use the lower number. Not only does this mean a meter reader isn’t required, you may be able to track your own electricity usage through an energy monitor or online portal. To read a digital meter, simply read the meter like you would a digital cl ock. Some older electricity meters have dials instead of a row of numbers. Ignore the dial marked 1/10. You may wish to contact your local utility company for instructions on how to read your electric meter. Your latest meter reading is required to make the switch to your selected retailer. A dial meter has 5 or more dials. It can be submitted using the form below. Leave the appliance operating for exactly 30 minutes. The electric meter belongs to the electric company and is closed with a seal. If this is the case with yours, you will know it because you will have to let the electric company meter reader into your home every month. There are no regulations which impose a limit on the number of meter readings per year. Our meter readers wear Atlantic City Electric uniforms and carry ID to show you upon request. Atlantic City Electric meter readers use hand-held computers to read meters around the same date every month. This is an example of a 9-digit meter number. Reading your gas meter is as easy as reading the dials on a clock. My gas meter is outside, and I know the gas company occasionally comes out to "read the meter." Electric meters use either digital displays or dials. The Regulations changed in April 2016: suppliers now have to read meters at least once per year. I don't think I've ever seen them do that. due to a locked gate, or a dog in the yard), the distributor will provide the retailer with an ‘estimated’ read, usually based on the customer’s past usage. Smart meters). Step 4 Turn on the selected electrical appliance and make an accurate note of the time you turned it on. Gas and electricity meters are the key to you getting accurate bills, as they measure the amount of energy you use. Estimated meter reads are reconciled when we gain access to the meter and read the data correctly – which is usually at the next scheduled meter read. Reading your digital electricity meter (RM257, 258 or 259). You will see the abbreviation “IMP KWH” followed by 8 numbers with “kWh” at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes a standard electric meter will display a set of red numbers. To read your electric meter, you will look at the gauges or dials from left to right. They are labeled one through nine. Below is an example of a digital meter. Learning how to read your gas meter and electricity meter, and knowing how they work, will help you be more in control of your energy bills … A series of letters will appear: IMP KWH.

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