Hi, our toilet seat completely came off its hinges - I've managed to get it back on, but the fixing on one side is very loose and shifts around from side to side so it will happen again. If your toilet bowl seat is unsteady, maybe the hinge locking screw is not tight enough. If your accessories are different, take a look at the accessories and you should be able to study how to separate them. Shop with confidence on eBay! 99. Problem with Toilet Seat Fixing. The bolt underneath the seat is covered by a hard rubber or silicone nut/bung that I'm not familiar with, and when I try to twist it with a pliers it's hard to get a grip on it. When you have your tools ready, the next step will be to go into the removal process. The measurements you require are: The distance between the fixing holes at the back of the toilet – this is usually the industry standard measurement of 155mm, but some toilets are non-standard so it’s always worth checking Soft-close toilet seats are designed to lower the seat and lid quietly in a matter of seconds. Features. Raised toilet seats. From traditional white and wood effect models to modern classics, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Here are some of the most common loose toilet part problems with instructions for easy repair! Remove the accessories provided by the new toilet seat and prepare for assembly. I think it is a 6mm thread and it is not supplied with metal wing nuts, but 6mm stainless wing nuts are available from engineering suppliers or ebay at modest price and I think would be a useful addition as you could do them up tight by hand. My loo seat used to close very softly and quietly. Ask Question ... it's easy to scratch the toilet. The hings are hidden under two chrome fixings. The toilet seat is very smart looking, with a very smooth closing action. If the toilet seat is loose, you can tighten it, and it will serve you for longer. This toilet seat comes with a top fixing system which ensures that seat is easily fitted and free from movement. It is, however, a somewhat more complicated project than some other common toilet issues, since it sometimes involves removing the entire toilet in order to replace the wax ring that seals the bottom of the toilet against the drain opening. Just below we have a list of 22 toilet seat problems & questions relating to the search you have made and hopefully, we could assist you or even give you a service by visiting emergency plumbing repairs.. We also include a review on what we believe is the best toilet seat you could buy. It is made from a strong plastic material and is quite sturdy. Bottom or top fixing toilet seats. Repairing these toilet seats can help you save more money as new ones can cost more money. 98 £12.98 £12.98 A common problem is that the nuts securing the toilet seat may be rusted or corroded. In the fortunate event that you installed your toilet seat with plastic nuts and bolts, removal won't be much of a problem, but it still won't be as easy as it was when installing the seat.To avoid stripping the threads, spray the bolts with a soap solution before unscrewing the nuts. It is easy to install, thanks to the top and bottom fixing system. We’ve tested the best replacement toilet seats to see what’s new for the loo Pipishell Soft Close Toilet Seat, Toilet Seat with Quick Release for Easy Clean, Simple Top Fixing, Standard Toilet Seats White with Adjustable Hinges, O Shape 4.6 out of 5 stars 793 £25.99 £ 25 . I'm having to replace the toilet seat because I fell in the bathroom and hit the seat which resulted in a crack. Some toilet seats will use slightly different fixtures instead, but usually they all work the same way. Toilet seat with metal axles in plastic sleeves squeaks like crazy when opened/closed. Since your toilet seat bolts are hidden, you need to look at the fittings in order to remove them. Choose your Toilet Seat at Screwfix.com. Well nuts are a flanged bush with a captive nut that the fixing for the toilet seat screws into. $14.99 $ 14. This problem is almost certainly caused by a bad flapper or flapper seat. With a range of toilet seats built for style and comfort, B&Q is the outstanding choice for all of your bathroom needs. Top Fixing Toilet Seat Bolt won’t unscrew. Buy Top Fix Toilet Seats at Screwfix.com. The following are the essential steps that you should follow: 1. How to install the toilet seat hinges fixings? The cause is a very slow leak from the tank into the bowl. It's one of those ones where a nut and bolt go through to underneath - however part of that fixing is threaded so I can't remove all the bits to get at it to tighten it. There is a screw at the back of each fixing that can be reached via a bendy screw driver. Toilet Problems: The Most Common Ones Often, we hear complaints about issues about their toilet bowl seats. 1. 99 £29.99 £29.99 A new toilet seat can be installed by inserting the two bolts, slipping on the washers, and tightening the nuts. Our high-quality hinges and our reliable installation solutions are the basis of our toilet lids. You may periodically hear your toilet begin to spontaneously refill, as though someone had flushed it. Repairing the Slow Close Toilet Seat Problems. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Toilet Seat Fixing Kit in Toilet Seats. 60 days free credit available. The nuts on some toilet seats are recessed and practically inaccessible, making the job even more difficult. 3.Screw from the top. 9 best toilet seats. Secondly, the fitter may have used well nuts in the holes in the pan and fitted the toilet seat to the pan from above. Toilet seat fixing for seat that's currently not attached by mat_12345 » Sun May 10, 2020 8:11 am Last post by stoneyboy Thu May 14, 2020 7:54 am Most of the time you may only need a screwdriver or a wrench. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. Follow. 9 October 2010 at 1:14PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving 10 replies 13.8K views While fairly maintenance-free, they may require a little adjusting from time to time. What’s worthy of being called a throne and what’s, well… just bog standard? Toilet Seat Problems. However, if the seat is too damaged, you can replace it. Not usually a problem I know, but the fixing beneath the back of the toilet is hidden by the side of the toilet which reaches almost to the wall. Installation of a new toilet seat. In most cases, fixing the problem is not particularly difficult. Soft and standard close available 1000's of plumbing products and spare parts available in stock, big brands buy online with free shipping over $200. The seat either clamps onto the toilet bowl or is fitted using the standard toilet seat fixings. This is why we develop and produce our toilet seat hinges and fixings with special care and precision. Normally this problem is caused because of problems with the wax ring that seals the base of the toilet (the horn) to the drain opening set into the floor. We've had our Santoro toilet and matching bathroom for approximately 3 years, and have had no problems. Our information includes bathroom remodeling, dishwasher repair, home improvement grants, toilet repair, kitchen remodeling, painting, and other home improvement tips. 30 day money back guarantee. The fixing can just be reached by curling fingers around the the back of the toilet, but only your finger tips touch so there is no way they can be tightened up. Shop with confidence on eBay! This is because something is loose. All of a sudden it slams shut. 14 years ago | 408 views. The hinge on my toilet seat has broken but I'm having trouble removing the whole thing to replace it (it looks like a screw near the hinge has just sheared off). The result is innovative and refined solutions along with practical accessories for the secure hold of the toilet seat and for more comfort in the home bathroom. You'll have to remove the toilet in order to replace the wax ring. 4.When you tighten the bolts the washers crush down into the holes and you need to be careful you do not tighten the bolt so much it pushes through the washer. No staining or discolouration. Check to see if your toilet seat fittings are joined together with a couple of bolts. Problem with soft closing toilet seat? Fixing Loose Toilet Parts . Universal Toilet Seats Screws and Bolts Metal - Toilet Seat Hinges Bolt Screws Toilet Seat Fixings Expanding Rubber Top Nuts Screws Mount Seat Hardware Toilet Seat Replacement Parts Kit(5 Choices) 4.3 out of 5 stars 449. There are a number of options: There are 3 main complaints that we hear about toilet seats, and generally they are easily dealt with (if you seat is a reasonable quality): My Toilet Seat Slides, Wobbles or is Unsteady. What i've done in the past for a problem like this was taking a hot soldering iron to push it out through the plastic without unscrewing. 2.Put on the supplied washers. Buy Caroma, Fowler, Stylus and Haron genuine factory toilet seat hinges sets at Australia’s Largest Online Plumbing Supplies. Fantastic range, designed for style and comfort. Another concern you need to check on is the fixing bolt. Yizhet Toilet Seat Top Fixings Top Fix Toilet Seat Fixings Toilet Seat Hinge Fittings Quick Release Hinges DIY Home Tool (2 Set,Including Fittings) 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,077 £9.98 £ 9 . Free returns. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5. Mostly the fixings are plastic but I recently got a seat from Wilkinsins that has metal hinges. Many common t o ilet problems can be fixed by making minor adjustments. Steps on how to remove toilet seat with hidden fixings. Great choice of materials, designs & colours. Click to order online or collect in hundreds of stores nationwide. A toilet that cuts on and off by itself, or runs intermittently, has a problem that plumbers call a phantom flush. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for toilet seat fixing kit. Step 3. 1.Just push them through the holes. No complaints at all. You could just remove the seat, allow the nuts to fall and replace with well nuts (see below). Although this might seem like a major project, it's actually not all that hard. A raised toilet seat usually replaces the existing toilet seat and provides a raise of 5cm, 10cm or 15cm depending on the model. JWinner182. Loose parts, such as the toilet handle or toilet seat, are rather easy and simple DIY projects. Before you can fit a new toilet seat, you need to measure the toilet bowl to ensure that your new toilet seat will fit accurately. Toilet Seat problem driving me mad!!

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